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Height Risk Assessments / Compliance Audits

Be sure your people are protected and your liability is minimised with a risk assessment by AHS for:

  • Compliance with fall prevention standards
  • Cost-effective system design
  • Priority schedule – to ensure you are addressing the most hazardous risk first

Current Workplace Health & Safety Acts, Codes and Regulations and current Australian Standards are all observed throughout our Audits.

AHS will provide you with A Risk Assessment Report after completion of the Audit.

Inspections, Testing & Certification

Work Health & Safety Legislation and Australian Standards require fall arrest equipment to be inspected and certified by a suitably competent and qualified person on a regular basis. This inspection and certification is to ensure equipment is correctly installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. It also ensures that the structure to which systems are attached are adequate for the imposed loads and have not been modified and/or deteriorated in a way that may compromise the structural integrity.

To ensure that you are legally covered, inspection/certification periods are as follows:

  • PPE and all webbing based systems – 6 months
  • Static lines – 12 months
  • Anchor Points and rail systems – 12 months
  • Ladder systems – as per manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Handrail systems – as per manufacturer’s recommendations

System Designs

When designing a height safety system there are many factors which must be taken into consideration, such as:

  • Who will be accessing and reason for accessing
  • How often will they be accessing and what will they be doing
  • Roofing material
  • Structure of the roof, including the slope
  • How to effect a rescue

Once these factors and the hierarchy of control have been considered, AHS will design a cost effective, practical and compliant system tailored to our Clients needs.

For further information, Principles and Guidelines can be found in AS1891.4.


The installation of height safety equipment is just as important as the equipment itself. AHS’s Safety Team can ensure that your installation is completed to the highest standards and specifications, leaving you confident in the knowledge that your system is safe, compliant, waterproof and meets all Australian and State Regulations and Laws.

AHS’s Safety Installers have many years experience in installing Height Safety solutions that comply with current State Regulations and Australian Standards. We supply and install only the most reputable products on the market and use certified installers with extensive experience and specialist knowledge.

At AHS, you can be confident that you have received the best height safety system solution to meet your requirements.


Under the Work Health and Safety Act it is a legal requirement for workplaces to provide their employees with specialist equipment to ensure their safety. At AHS, we supply a wide range of high quality height safety protection and personal protection equipment which will suit every application and budget. AHS will help take the confusion out of choosing the right equipment for your needs.

Documentation and Maintenance Schedules

Every height safety system is unique and therefore, the system documentation is also unique.

At AHS, we supply our Clients with all documentation to safely use and maintain your system, along with a maintenance and reminder schedule to ensure you keep your system certification up to date. Dependent upon the system install supplied by us, the following documentation can be supplied:

  • Height Safety System Specification Information
  • Maintenance and User Manuals
  • Anchor Plan
  • Certification Documentation