AHS are the leading Lift Door Frame & Pressed Metal Door Frame Grouters in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Northern NSW. Our services also include Lift Safety Gate Installation and Removal.

  • Lift frame Grouting

    AHS specialise in grouting/fireproofing to lift door frames, button boxes, controller boxes, thresholds and lift cable machinery areas compliant to AS 1735.11 – Fire Safe Rating.  We also install hebel infills and fire resistant foam/fill into extra large openings if required, prior to grouting.

    Over the past 2 years, we have completed grouting to lift door frames in over 30 large commercial buildings, including 480 Queen Street (Grocon), Sunshine Coast University Hospital (Lend Lease) and Southpoint, Southbank (Hutchinson), and have grouted 1000’s of lift frames.

  • Safety Gates

    Our lift services also include installation of lift construction entrance gates (safety gates) to lift shaft openings prior to the construction of lift cars. We can also remove the gates on completion of the works.

  • Metal Door Frames

    Under the current Australian Standard AS1905.1-2005, every fire resistant metal door frame is required to be back filled.

    AHS specialise in grouting and backfilling of pressed metal door frames compliant to the Australian Standard.